24 Sprinter

Active dried alcohol yeast combined with complete nutrient, designed to ferment up to 14% ABV in 24 hours.  Used to make hard liquor or hard alcohol.


Active dried alcohol 24 SPRINTER yeast combined with a complete nutrient complex, designed to ferment up to 14% ABV in 24 hours.

A vigorous active dried 24 SPRINTER yeast strain blended with complete macro and micro nutrition ideal for fermentation of any sugar based feedstocks, pure sucrose or other fermentable substrates.

24 SPRINTER contains only pure fully chemically defined ingredients and does not contain yeast extract or other non-chemically defined nutrients which can taint the quality of beverage alcohol.

24 SPRINTER includes fermentation activators to ensure rapid start to fermentation this combined with the very low total bacteria count of less than 1 x 10⁴ CFU/gram greatly reduce the potential for bacterial spoilage.

Yeast species: Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Alcohol tolerance: Up to 14 % ABV

Temperature range: 20-30°C

Viable yeast cells: > 1 x 1010 cfu/g of yeast

Total bacteria: < 3 x 104 cfu/g

Wild yeast: < 1 per 106 cells

Lead: < 3 mg/kg Arsenic: < 1 mg/kg Heavy Metals: < 10 mg/kg GMO status: GMO Free

Sachet sufficient for 25 L fermentation.

Sugar addition:

6 kg

Approx. % ABV:


Water Start Volume:

21 L

Water Start Temp:


Air Temp Range:


Air Temp Tolerance:

Max 33°C

Fermentation Time 20°C:

Approx. 24 hours