Active dried alcohol yeast and nutrient formulation optimized for a super clean, reliable fermentation to 16% ABV in refined sugar fermentation systems.  Used to make premium spirits and hard alcohol.


A super high-purity active TURBO yeast product developed with complete nutrition, optimized for fermentation of refined sugars to yield super clean, high purity alcohol base up to 16% ABV. Although designed specifically for use in refined sugar fermentation systems, TURBO yeast can also be used with any fermentable sugar substrate to yield high quality alcohol.

Formulated with a chemically defined, urea-based nutrient complex, TURBO yeast is intended to produce high purity alcohol base for use in flavored alcoholic beverage applications including flavored malt beverages, or for distillation as spirit alcohol. TURBO yeast is based on a low congener strain which produces minimal fusel oils and esters, therefore minimizing contribution to flavor and aroma of end product.

Optimum alcohol quality and reliable fermentation performance are ensured through use of a specially selected yeast strain combined with a complete macro and micro nutrient complex, providing all essential nutrient elements required for stress-free fermentation.

Yeast species: Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Alcohol tolerance: ≥ 16 % ABV

Temperature range: 20-35°C

Viable yeast cells: > 1 x 1010 cfu/g of yeast

Total bacteria: < 2 x 104 cfu/g

Wild yeast: < 1 per 106 cells

Lead: < 3 mg/kg Arsenic: < 1 mg/kg Heavy Metals: < 10 mg/kg GMO status: GMO Free

Sachet sufficient for 25 L fermentation.

Sugar addition:

6 kg

7 kg

Approx. % ABV:



Water Start Volume:

21 L

20 L

Water Start Temp:



Air Temp Range:



Air Temp Tolerance:

Max 38°C

Max 35°C

Fermentation Time 20°C:

2-3 days

3-5 days