An active dried WHISKY yeast blended with a complete, chemically defined nutrient complex. Designed to ferment any sugar substrate up to 15% ABV, but best results are achieved using wheat or malted barley grains or alternatively a combination of the two.


WHISKY yeast is a specialist active dried Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain which confers an optimum, highly refined congener profile for whisky spirit. This strain is suitable for production of both malt and grain whiskies and is used extensively within the Scotch whisky and Irish whiskey distilling industry.

With good ethanol tolerance up to 15% ABV, this strain confers an optimum congener profile to the distilled spirit, resulting in whisky with exceptionally well refined organoleptic qualities. Highly viable and robust, this distilling yeast strain is quick to start and displays good fermentation kinetics with rapid and reliable fermentation.

The flavor profile of distilled spirit is well-balanced, smooth, and elegant, with moderately high fruity esters, feisty and soapy notes, and relatively low peat notes. Compared to some distilling strains, minimal ageing is required to produce a well-refined whisky spirit.

Yeast species: Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Alcohol tolerance: Up to 15 % ABV

Temperature range: 20-35°C

Apparent attenuation: 90-100 %

Viable yeast cells: > 1 x 1010 cfu/g of yeast

Total bacteria: < 5 x 104 cfu/g

Wild yeast: < 1 x 102 cfu/g

Lead: < 3 mg/kg Arsenic: < 1 mg/kg Heavy Metals: < 10 mg/kg GMO status: GMO Free *Apparent attenuation is based on use with malted barley mashed with natural malt enzymes and is not directly relevant to use with any other sugar substrates.

Sachet sufficient for 25 L fermentation.

Sugar addition:

6.5 kg

Approx. % ABV:


Water Start Volume:

20 L

Water Start Temp:


Air Temp Range:


Air Temp Tolerance:

Max 30°C

Fermentation Time 20°C:

7 days